Strayacoin is a fair dinkum, decentralized, mate-to-mate cryptocurrency that you can use in the real world to pay participating merchants for goods and services in Australia or anywhere around the world.

We have our own developed Point Of Sale solution (with multi crypto support) that is low cost, direct connect to the blockchain, with registration only payable in Strayacoin currency – NAH.  This is an extremely secure POS solution for business owners, with no server side storage of the private keys, and a Distributor model incentivising anyone to become a Distributor and reaping the rewards through a decentralised model of placing terminals into businesses. Check out our StrayaPOS page for more details.

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Where to buy Strayacoin?

The main exchange is presently TradeOgre; however, there are a number of other exchanges such as Graviex, Unnamed Exchange and Alt Markets, these can be found in our menu. At the present time to acquire Strayacoin it’s a rare resource attained through either mining or trading from BTC/LTC/ETH for NAH’s (Strayacoin) on Tradeogre. We’re also seeking to be listed on Australian exchanges in the near future as our market capital and liquidity grows to a desirable level.