So a tech savvy mate is wanting to send you some ‘Strayacoin’. The first thing you need to do is to get yourself an Strayacoin Wallet. You will need a (digital) wallet so people can send you strayacoins and so that you can keep your eye on those digital dollarydoos.
Strayacoin Wallets are available for many platforms/operating systems..See below for a variety of (Non-Custodial) wallets. But if you are after a ‘quick and dirty’ (Custodial) wallet then you can setup an account at an exchange either at Tradeogre , Altmarkets , Unnamed Exchange or Graviex . Then use your strayacoin receive address on these exchanges to send to your mates so they can then pay you. But remember an exchange is a custodial wallet meaning they hold your private keys to your wallet, not you. What we recommend is you use a non-custodial wallet and take your coins off of exchanges (if you are not trading them) like running your own Full node wallet HERE . Or use the Android wallet HERE and store your private keys yourself. Remember, not your private keys Not your coins.
There is a Readme file with the download for Windows…Special Notes are included at the bottom of this page regarding latest connection nodes




MacOS (Apple)

IOS (Apple)

  • Initially released in Testflight, for iPhone and iPad…but now expired, and waiting for Apple approval of Strayacoin developer account
  • Same look/feel as the Android Wallet

Ubuntu Linux

Special Notes

For Windows, make sure to follow the instructions in the ReadMe file included with the zip download!

There is a strayacoin.conf file which is used by the Windows, MacOs and Ubuntu full node wallets, to control the initial nodes that are connected to.  Below is the latest strayacoin.conf file contents..make sure you are connected to nodes running wallet version 1.2.0 or above…or syncing wont occur fully.  From the Menus in the Windows wallet, use Help>Debug Window>Peers to check the connected nodes..and right click a node to Disconnect lower wallet releases such as StrayacoinCore1.0

Contents of strayacoin.conf should be


Location of strayacoin.conf file

Windows – c:\users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\strayacoin and you may have to View Hidden Items from Explorer, since AppData is usually a hidden folder 

MacOs – /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Strayacoin/

Ubuntu – /home/<username>/.strayacoin/strayacoin.conf