Twitterverse now has a Strayacoin Tipping Bot..getting things done the Strayian way

Everyones on you can tip anyone…

Introducing @strayatipbot .. the 2nd of Strayacoins second layer apps…

its our answer to the call, to make crypto easy for all.
Send that digital cash..Yeah-NAH mate..I already tipped you on twitter

What a Great Aussie Adventure with Russel. He definitely deserves some NAH. Reply with a tip to any tweet and the bot will follow your orders !

Direct Message the Bot. You’re in charge…

Try it out.
. PM
the bot with “deposit” to get a NAHly Strayacoin address
.. Send some funds from your Strayacoin wallet
(even use your Discord accountfor this..see last announcement…catch up)
… Check your balance with…doh…”balance”
…. Create a new tweet “@strayatipbot @strayacrypto 1000 NAH thanks for your new tipbot”

We will tip followers/twitter shares of this announcement all weekend, or until the beer runs out, so get on it, and get some NAH …help us with our marketing..a few NAH here, a few NAH there…reply to your FFT’s (favourite famous tweeters) with a tip….especially the ones who have lots of followers who read the comments !

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