The Halvening is Coming !

Generation of new blocks on the Strayacoin blockchain is powered by people around the world who mine the blocks, securing the distributed ledger. They solve a complicated maths problem based on the Scrypt Algorithm to link the new transactions added to the blockchain to the prior block. It all has to tie together so that the chain represents an unbroken record of transactions that have taken place.

There is a reward for doing so, currently 50 NAH.

There is a halvening coming, and will continue to happen approximately every 14 months until there are no coins left, at which time transaction fees become the only reward.

The first halvening is occuring around the 6th May.

[countdown title="Block Reward Halvening" event="Miners Reward Halves: 50 NAH to 25 NAH" date="6 May 2019" hour="0" minutes="00" seconds="00" format="yowdhms" color="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#FF9000" radius="8" link="false"]