Breaking: Straya POS released with SQUARE

Take Straya coin and Credit Cards on the same device!


Straya coin Official POS is on the Google Play Store, a key piece of software to help drive mass adoption of StrayaCoin.

This app is based on the popular Straya coin Official Wallet for android devices, and includes features required to enable the transfer of Straya coin to businesses in an efficient and secure manner. There is a cut down startup interface for shop-front use, and a manager override for full functionality.


For all of you....there is included a POS Distributor model, whereby ongoing NAH is allocated, based on 0.5% of Send volume from the app, and will be sent to whoever registers the business from the android device. Soon, we will be testing POS Terminals for compatibility, but already tested the use of Square Credit Card reader (bluetooth) on the same device - business operator needs to switch apps for credit card payments...so it is possible that we could have one device to rule them all..."Tap and Go and Crypto".

This software uses a different set of 12 words private key backup, based on Australian themes..local slang, towns, beaches, ski resorts, beers, wines, sports people, animals, islands, companies, actors.


Straya POS Terminal Screen