Welcome to the reality of professional crypto payments in store

StrayaPOS enables businesses to accept cryptocurrencies. The terminal currently supports Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The software is developed in Australia, and the terminal is available in our Shop, and the software freely downloadable from the Google Play Store.

This technology development will help drive mass adoption of Strayacoin and cryptocurrency acceptance at businesses through viral marketing of our solution, together with the attractive distributor model.

The software is based on the popular Strayacoin Official Wallet for android devices, and includes features required to enable the transfer of Strayacoin to businesses in an efficient and secure manner. There is a cut down startup interface called POS Mode for shop-front use. This mode defaults to accept payments in local currency, hides the wallet balance and has Send disabled. Of course, there is a manager/owner override for full functionality…or the same wallet keys can be concurrently used on another android device to check the transactions or Send to an exchange..that’s because the wallet is simply a window into the secure distributed blockchain!

The terminal runs Android 6.0, and supports the use of other software, such as Paypal Here or AliPay. When coupled with a bluetooth reader, it enables the terminal to accept credit cards. Onboard Printer support for credit card payments is not currently supported, however, an external bluetooth printer can be used.

Your keys are private – Direct connect to blockchain – no Server

Our software uses a Secure Payment Verification wallet, directly connecting to the blockchain. Absolute privacy of your wallet is assured, and the keys never leave the device. StrayaPOS uses a different set of 12 words private key backup to our standard Strayacoin wallet, and is based on Australian themes..local slang, towns, beaches, ski resorts, beers, wines, sports people, animals, islands, companies, actors.

Business Registration

The Registration process within the app enables the business to notify cryptocurrency users of their location and which currencies they accept. Strayacoin is mandatory in the software during registration. Registered businesses are shown on a Map for all Strayacoin Mobile Wallets, and also in the block explorer website. Advertisements for businesses are displayed on the top of regular Strayacoin mobile wallets. Registration enables the business name to appear on the Receipt printing, and the logo of the business to be shown on the POS Mode Screen.

Mult-Language – Multi-Currency

StrayaPOS supports many languages, and many global currencies, allowing maximum flexibility in setting up to business requirements anywhere in the world. The example to the right shows our BitcoinPOS app in Korean language taking payments in Korean Won. The exchange rates are updated every 10 minutes to make sure payments in local currency are made at the current conversion rate to the selected currency, with all payments stored on the Strayacoin, Bitcoin or Litecoin blockchains.

The exchange rate used at the time of transaction is stored in the device. This can support compliance with local regulations without resorting to looking up the exchange rate, or having it done for a fee by a centralised system. The decentralised StrayaPOS app handles it for you. Many jurisdictions treat the initial transaction as income, and any increase of the value of crypto as capital growth.

The following languages are already built into StrayaPOS including the BitcoinPOS and LitecoinPOS apps

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Taiwanese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
Chinese Demonstration

The video to right shows the Chinese version with a transaction demonstration.


Become a Distributor !

For a very small outlay, or none at all, anyone can become a StrayaPOS distributor.

The StrayaPOS Distributor model is built into the POS, with automatic setting of the exchange rate to incorporate a 4.5% Distributor commission of NAH, BTC and LTC received by the business into the Received payments. So, it is Commission Free to the business, and 4.5% of the Send volume from the app is automatically sent to whoever registers the business from the POS Terminal.


In the example above, the income required to provide a 40% return on investment from purchasing a terminal would be $11.61 per month over 2 years. To achieve this, only $8.60 per day average has to be taken by the terminal in the shop.


Down the Track

A lot of the developments on our Roadmap page will make StrayaPOS an integrated payment terminal. For example, further development on the terminal is planned to support Financial Summary Reports. The Terminal supports NFC, where future development may enable other payment types….”Tap and Go and Crypto”.


Download it today from GooglePlay !

There are four downloads available on Google Play, one for each of the cryptocurrencies, with identical functionality.




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Check out StrayaPOS in action on our Youtube channel