StrayaPOS adds BitcoinSV support


StrayaPOS has added support for Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) with plans to add Bitcoin Cash in the near future. Both of these coins are currently in the Top 10 by market cap.

Our vision of expanding the StrayaPOS eco-system to support multi coins, multi-currency and multi-language is well under way. Business owners will be able to accept many of the highly traded and valuable crypto-currency coins on the planet

Of course, the BitcoinSV POS app follows our proven design, and includes all the standard POS features, Manager Over-Ride and Maps Business Registration as our other POS apps, all integrated by our Coin Select Menu.

The StrayaPOS framework is based on a fully decentralised model, offering unmatched independence and privacy, directly connecting to each blockchain using light weight Simplified Payment Verification.

Haven’t heard of StrayaPOS before? Check out our StrayaPOS page, and buy one for your business on our online Shop. Distributor opportunities are available, and can provide an ongoing stream of payments for those who get onboard with our program.

Click to get the BitcoinSV POS app designed for StrayaPOS

During this development, we have optimised the sync time for all the POS Wallets, reducing the time for initial setup and wallet recovery. We will push the update to Google Play and notify POS users of the addition of Bitcoin SV to our eco-system.

Bitcoin SV has been chosen as it offers an opportunity for our devs to start looking at the Tokenized Smart Contract System which is in development on the Bitcoin SV Chain. Tokenized is an Australian innovation and has great potential to bring all kinds of additional functionality to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, such as issuance or trading of digital tokens, opening additional use cases for our POS.