StrayaPOS 3.0 released

The team at Strayacoin is pleased to announce a major release of our Business Point of Sale solution, StrayaPOS 3.0

This release unifies the business registration process, so that registration is only accepted in NAH. This will drive adoption of Strayacoin through registration fees, adding to the real world use case for our coin.

Supplemental registration of the Bitcoin POS, Litecoin POS and Bitcoin SV POS apps require the payment of registration fees in NAH prior to the registration of those apps.

Faster Registration
No longer is there a requirement to load each of the accepted coins into the POS and register each of the accepted cryptos individually.
Now, the main registration process is streamlines, with the main registration done through the StrayaPOS app once, and then locked into the device, with the registration details pushed to the other accepted coins POS apps.

Security for our Distributors
Persistent lock of Registered details means our distributors can be sure to get their commissions, even on device reset/reload.

Reduced administration through our server side tools provide a backup of the registration details which can be reloaded, if required.

The StrayaPOS, Bitcoin POS, Litecoin POS and Bitcoin SV POS apps have been updated to the Google Play store, so update today, or explore this solution that seemlessly allows your business to professionally accept crypto payments through our StrayaPOS Terminals, or through a regular android phone or device.

Check out the updated registration guide