Strayacoin provides 1st free lesson plan on cryptocurrency to high school teachers.

It is no secret that Strayacoin has been heaps busy lately. One item of hard yards which has just started to come good for the growing volunteer developer team is the first high school lesson plan. The free resource is designed to be one of many in a series of educational resources to help out teachers world-wide. This initiative is inline with the proof of work coins’ very long term and consistent goal of driving mass adoption and awareness of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Strayacoin) to new users and merchants.

The beauty of this resource is that it is available to all english speaking teachers with an internet connection. No matter how limited the resources of the school may be in their part of the world; high school students can now have the opportunity to dive deep into cryptocurrency and learn about it in class from their teachers.

The first released lesson plan is titled “Introduction to Cryptocurrency” and the target age group of the series is between 14 and 18 years, but it is likely that many younger star students could excel at understanding the content. Mark is one of the volunteer developers/contributors at Strayacoin behind the resource concept. When asked whats the difference of these educational resources to others online? Mark replied “We heard from high school teachers that they knew teaching resources on cryptocurrency were online but they were all over the place. We just made it easy for high school teachers. They can download our whole free lesson plans on cryptocurrency from the strayacoin website, request a small amount of strayacoins from the strayacoin foundation so they can also do practicals and teach their students using the android wallet app and Point of Sale apps in the classroom.” Mark has also promised that the lesson plans do not contain any Australian English grammar nuances so as not to impede on any student’s ability to understand the content. Much to the disappointment of high school students everywhere in Australia.

The prospect of students sending crypto to each other on their phones or laptop in the classroom is a novel one; when asked Mark if he thought high school students were mature enough to learn about cryptocurrency in the classroom? he replied “It is more likely that the initial head scratchers in class will be the teachers themselves delivering the content. Most students already know the principles of cryptocurrency like bitcoin and how its fundamental system relies on math, you might get the students teaching the teacher.”

Strayacoin is a means of exchange coin with a max total supply at 25mil, it has multiple wallet types including its own on its website, with selected merchants around the world accepting strayacoin by using its free Android POS app its a coin that is getting noticed. It can now add teachers aide to its CV.