Strayacoin Shop now accepts NAH / provides a Crypto Wallet this is an announcement which is worth reading to the end.

In the last few months, we have been working behind the scenes on rebuilds for our backend servers. You’ve seen StrayaPOS, which accepts NAH, BTC and LTC, and allows business registrations. You’ve seen the Twitter and Discord Tipping bots which move around NAH without having to use addresses.

Now we bring you another step towards our vision of integration. Acceptance of NAH in our online Strayacoin Shop…yep..use your NAH to buy stuff online.

The future potential of our Shop and the framework we are building behind will help to expand our use case of NAH to buy stuff..anywhere..anytime, on any platform. Think Strayacoin Merchandise, Pizza Voucher Digital Downloads (who doesnt love those), coupons for discounts based on supporting Strayacoin…

For the first five(5) customers to upload some NAH (100 should do) and buy the 1000NAH Rebate from the Shop…well you get…1000 NAH rebate…all for the cost of 10 Aussie cents worth of NAH. Our backend servers update the price every 10 minutes according to the latest exchange rate, so you know you will get real value for NAH.

…but wait…there’s more…we also have a Web Crypto Wallet built in…your NAH needs to be on the shop wallet in your Logged in Account. So Signup, respond to the email to setup your password..and load up some NAH…then you are off to the races.

The wallet is really awesome..and setup to support BTC or LTC when we are ready for further integration… Deposit by copying address, or scanning QR Code..Withdraw to another wallet, Transfer to other users on the site, or view the transactions already.

For Withdrawals, Confirmation by Email helps to protect your NAH. We also have Hot/Cold Wallet capabilities to move NAH to offline store, and bring it back when required…but as we always advise, keeping your NAH in your own wallet with your own keys is always the safest place to keep it. We will do what we can to keep NAH safe on our site through Daily Server backups, but appreciate you dont use the store to HODL your main bag of NAH.

To celebrate these developments, and for a zero cost experience, we have made available Jack Hurleys Practical Guide to Crypto Investing, Australia Edition free of charge as a Digital Download from the Shop. Signup required.

We are a community coin, but striving to make Strayacoin the best crypto project for both Physical and Web based stores in Australia and beyond.

Stay tuned for more great announcements, feel free to check out our prior achievements and upcoming developments on our Down the Track page.