Strayacoin Reward Era explained – Halvening in 5 days from now

Strayacoins are issued to miners as reward for securing our network. Initially, they are issued at 50 coins per block of transactions. Sometime on the 10th May, the reward will decrease to 25 coins, when we move from our first reward era to the second. Inflation (the amount of new coins being produced relative to the amount on issue) will significantly reduce on that day from 85% to 42%, and continually reduce in the coming years, until no new coins are issued, and miner reward is based solely on transaction fees.

For comparison, Bitcoin inflation is now approximately 4%, and will fall to below 2% in 2020. It has taken bitcoin 10 years to get to this point because blocks are only issued every 10 minutes. When we look at Litecoin, which has the same block time of 2.5 minutes as Strayacoin, and released in late 2011, it will have its inflation cut from around 9% to 4% in August this year (7 years after launch). Strayacoin only has a maximum cap of 24.8 Million coins..and since all these three coins mentioned start out with 50 coins on issue for each block, Strayacoin will reach similar levels of inflation in 2021-22, three years after launch.

Enjoy the rain of coins while they wont always be easy to get them, as the graph and table below show !