Strayacoin responds to Nation’s appetite for bog roll.

Your favourite cryptocurrency ‘Strayacoin’ is now officially an ‘apocalyptic mad max inspired world’ digital currency which can be used to buy the most popular crisis commodity – Toilet paper.

If you are on the porcelain throne and have found yourself with a class 9 mud butt syndrome then the Strayacoin online shop is the place to visit. There you can exchange your digital dollarydoos ‘Strayacoins’ for a bog roll or two at reasonable ‘Australian’ prices. There is no un-Australian price gouging going on in this joint. We are here for our fellow Australians young or old to ensure you have your god-given birthright upheld to enable you to wipe your rear-end with nothing short of non-recycled bleached white ‘soft to the touch’ 3 ply gold.

Love. Sincerely Yours,

Strayacoin Team