Strayacoin Jags another Merchant in South East Asia

Strayacoin has been gaining momentum recently like a GTHO Ford Falcon with shoddy brakes. On the back of an exchange listing with Strayacoin is picking up merchant interest in popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. The latest to register on Strayacoin’s android/desktop interactive map is a Surf School business on Kuta Beach in Bali. When asking the Balinese owner Toni on why he chose Strayacoin’s Point of Sale over others on the market? He said: ‘I want to attract more tourists to my business and cryptocurrency is what the young people know. The app is easy, i just download and can use”.


With more merchant awareness at home and overseas along with a dedicated developer team and a strong grass roots supporter base; Strayacoin is spreading and becoming potent like a bad case of Bali Belly.