Strayacoin is gaining popularity all over Africa

Strayacoin is gathering support in Africa with the growth of full node wallets popping up over the continent. ‘Tony’ (pictured) from Nigeria when asked why he has and runs an Strayacoin full node wallet? said “it has limited supply and has many use cases, businesses in Africa can accept cryptocurrency with strayacoin android wallet”. Indeed Strayacoin’s Point of Sale app on the play store and its’s websites analytics has seen a spike in interest in recent weeks. This may be because of the recent economic climate around the world and people of certain countries growing distrust for their own country’s central bank currency policy.

In addition to Strayacoins utility, the popularity of the coin recently is thought to be due to the growth in number of unemployed people from covid-19. Strayacoins distributor affiliate system means anyone can start earning an indefinite trailing commission in cryptocurrency with zero initial outlay.