Strayacoin building coin utility with game-site integration

Strayacoin is now integrated and accepted for pixel game-site called . The coin has been building utility since early 2019 and this recent website integration now allows for minesweeper/pixel gamer enthusiasts to now play a mix of treasure hunt, colour fights and American election 2020 party vote games with their favourite coin. The game-site allows gamers to win both instant crypto prizes as well as point prizes. The webmaster has even added an Strayacoin treasure hunt game called ‘Outback Treasure Hunt’ with over 2000NAH in prizes to be won. With prize names such as Gidday mate, Fair Dinkum and Flaming Galah its worth giving it a crack.

The developers and grass root supporter base of Strayacoin are always keen to grow the coins utility and expand the Strayacoin network. If you know of a site that could be a good fit to integrate Strayacoin let the developers know. Join our discord and chat with the team.