Development changes, team changes and a new roadmap

Australia’s number one crypto was released way back in 2018 in a little town called bendigo. Since being on multiple news outlets, and a huge surge of hyper, we’ve managed to push our little crypto out to the markets with our nifty POS system. Unfortunately, some of the development team didnt have enough time to work on it.

Here comes late 2020. A new group of enthusiastic developers, keen on crypto, teamed up with the OG strayacoin team. The new team is keen on pushing the crypto all the way past the top of uluru, to new heights!

With the rebirth of strayacoin, the team has announced the following changes. A planned upgrade to the Strayacoin network will occur at block 808600, approximately 6am Saturday 27th November Australian Eastern Standard Time. At this time, the algorithm used to secure the blocks will be changed from Scrypt to ScryptNAH, a custom designed Strayacoin innovation which is ASIC resistant; because there are no ASIC’s that can do it. 

This will create a fork, with full node wallets that havent upgraded kicked from the ongoing chain to a pointless existence. Initially, CPU mining will be used until a GPU miner is released. All mining pools will no longer participate in network security, with a more decentalized mining expected across multiple PC’s. 

ScryptNAH was tested back in 2018 but was only coded into our codebase as of recently. As a result all Windows, Linux, OSX and Android wallets will need to be upgraded. Official copy of the Windows Full Node Wallet Release 2.0.0 is available here:

But its not just code changes coming to strayacoin… incoming competitions and events!

With the flurry of development changes coming through strayacoin is keen on pushing to grow the community. One week from release, on saturday the 4th of december, strayacoin will be releasing its trading competition with over 25,000 NAH up for grabs!

Details of the competition coming soon. Make sure to join the discord for future development updates and competitions. We’re excited to re-kick-off this project, and we hope you are too!