Smash the Pokies while in iso during COVID-19 with an Aussie Crypto

COVID-19 for many only means scratching your gum-nuts while sitting on your couch at home watching the telly. No pubs, no clubs, no topless sheilas on a friday afternoon at your local serving you cold ones. Now no more! well not quite… we cant promise the schooners delivered to you by a trained uni student waitress but we can promise that pub and club feel with online pokies! Now you can smash the ‘online’ pokies with a beer in hand from the comfort of your own home with your favourite Aussie crypto currency Strayacoin. Like a bug zapper to a mozzie on a warm summers night, the online gambling site offers copious amounts of audio and visual stimulation through their many themed virtual poker machine games. Now you can still smash the pokies and not put a pensioner at risk of COVID-19 death. Go on tell your mates! save a life!