Privacy Policy


Strayacoin respects your privacy. We only use personal information obtained from the Contact Page form on this site for the purposes of communicating to you about your enquiry.

Straya POS

The Straya POS software provides optional registration for businesses for the purposes of enabling Strayacoin users to find businesses using the Map function available in the Mobile Wallets and on our Explorer page. On Business registration, the POS Software collects the following personal information, which is then publicly available

  • business name

  • business products

  • location (lat/long co-ordinates)

  • website

  • email address or device ID (not publicly available on the map) – used only to communicate to you about the registration, and used internally in the registered device to show the business logo.

  • distributor Strayacoin address (not in itself personally identifiable)

Registration information is stored on our private servers, has authenticated access, and only accessible by authorised personnel.


We will not disclose personal information to third parties.