New Listing for Aussie Born Coin bringing it out of its Shell

29 March 2020

The Australian dollar seems to be sinking faster than an Australian Prime Minister swimming off the southern New South Wales coast. Meanwhile Strayacoin (Australia’s favourite cryptocurrency) has remained more stable than Australia’s wage growth in recent years. Strayacoin has secured its network further and expanded its market reach by being listed on a new cryptocurrency exchange. Unnamed Exchange has been delighted to add Strayacoin to its exchange of Altcoins. “Having a proof of work coin with a low total supply cap and a working point of sale product is very attractive to us and having it on our exchange is a good fit” Steve John one of the developers from Unnamed Exchange reported.

Davo from Strayacoin said “We are stoked to have so many supporters rally around this little Aussie gem, just last week with the economic climate around COVID-19 we are seeing an increase in merchant interest with our point of sale app and our online shop. The bog roll has been rolling out the door! We also have an active dev team that are squeezing out little nuggets of gold too”.