Mine Strayacoin

Mining your own Strayacoin cryptocurrency is relatively easy if you have some time to set it up.

Step 1 – Getting a wallet

Firstly, you are going to need a wallet. We recommend the Windows wallet https://github.com/StrayaCoin/StrayaCoin-Core/releases or android mobile wallet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.strayacoin.wallet . For mining, you will need to generate a wallet address, and make sure your wallet and blockchain are synced so you can see the mining rewards come in like sailors into a bar when their ship comes in.

Step 2 – Selecting a pool

A pool allows you to mine alongside other people, maximising the chance of solving new blocks for the blockchain, and then sharing the rewards among the contributors. There are a couple of pools run exclusively for strayacoin. http://strayapool.online and strayacoins.com These allows Strayacoin to be mined using their stratum+tcp scrypt mining server.

If you are using Mining Rig Rentals (discussed below), and decided on which pool you like the look of, then you can head on to Step 3. If not using MRR, then you will need to configure the connection to the pool in your miner. The pool url you are going to use will be either of the below

stratum+tcp://strayapool.online:3032 -u SaSTfEP8JpQhHyeVvRSMGYt621Ht8Uti1Y -p x

stratum+tcp://strayacoins.com:3433 -u SaSTfEP8JpQhHyeVvRSMGYt621Ht8Uti1Y -p c=NAH, d=32768

Replace the Strayacoin receive wallet address with your own.

Step 3 – Organising a miner

Mining for strayacoin is done using an ASIC based SCRYPT miner. You can buy these, or you can rent them. A great rental site is Mining Rig Rentals. You will need an account, register here https://www.miningrigrentals.com/register?ref=70125 , and then fund it with crypto….bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or bcash.

In this example, we will use MiningRigRentals. You need to define a Pool, and then attach it to a Profile. Once this is done, select the Marketplace from the top menu https://www.miningrigrentals.com/rigs/scrypt and rent a miner, pointing it to the Profile you have selected. Once mining begins, you should see the hashrate rise within a few minutes.
Below shows the definition of a pool through MRR.

For other Mining pool options you can google search ‘Strayacoin mining pools’.

Step 4 – Checking your progress on the pool

Back on the pool site you chose, enter your strayacoin address into the Workers Stats page, and you should see your mining hashrate and any payouts, which are immature until 100 blocks have been mined. Example below from strayapool

Step 5 – Check on the payouts when they arrive

Thanks for supporting mining. Any queries, just should out on our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/nyK7sEkG