Shiraz Release for Wallet and POS

Take your strayacoin on the road, and now overseas !

Earlier today, our devs pushed the Shiraz release of Strayacoin Android Wallet and POS solution to the Google Play Stores worldwide. Why Shiraz..its for the mature red wine palette..this release is full bodied solution that represents a key milestone in our journey to drive mainstream adoption. Included is the release of a full Crypto POS Terminal, now ready for Beta testing (as you would have seen the video previews over the last couple of weeks..more videos will be posted in the coming days).

Strayacoin now has more that 48,000 addresses (mostly in the Windows Wallets), and now we have over 200 mobile wallets. In this release, we have added significant features to the mobile and payment experience.

– businesses who register will have their logo displayed in the upper right corner of their POS Terminal or Android phone running in POS Mode.
– scrolling advertisements for registered businesses will be shown on the standard wallet interface for all mobile wallets
– businesses can now add their website and email address(for notifications) during registration, as well as select bitcoin and litecoin as additional coins they accept (currently through third party apps such as Coinomi on the POS terminal)
– the maps functions have been expanded
– to show the different cryptos the businesses will accept..strayacoin is mandatory for registration!
– website clickthrough – clicking on the business once brings up the info screen, clicking again takes you to the business website, if registered.

As communicated earlier, there is a Distributor Model built into the POS Solution…Anyone can place a POS Terminal into a business and receive ongoing commissions !..there are now more incentives for businesses to register, since they get advertisements to all mobile wallet holders and can register multiple cryptos. Registrations are only accepted in NAH. We will soon rollout a plan covering POS Terminal Hardware and ongoing data plan….but first we will go with limited beta testing..this will take time to deploy and gather the feedback…but pretty soon, the future of crypto payments will be in your hands.

Bitcointalk announcement updated + wallet status

Hi All. An update on this week..we have released a more detailed announcement on the official bitcointalk announcement page and this has garnered quite a bit of interest from miners connecting to our coin, with more baseload miners..and some spikes in mining activity tesing our adaptive difficulty(which is working great). We also saw an increase in activity on the exchanges. The bitcointalk announcement can be found here

Automatic connection problems with the android wallet has been fixed, and the devs are working on getting the Apple IOS Wallet back up on Testflight.

Cab Sav Release of Strayacoin POS and Wallet

The Cab-Sav release of Android Strayacoin POS and Strayacoin Wallet is here!

DaveThe KeyMaker (one of our community devs) has dragged himself away from drinking red wine and lounging by the beach, and put the final touches on this full bodied solution.

Updated with cross-app transfer of payment amount to the Square mobile payment app (within the POS version only), we have the first Australian Cryptocurrency solution with integration between Cryptocurrencies and FIAT on a single android mobile device.

Of course, both the standard wallet and POS version have been updated with Segwit support to scan Segwit receive addresses…with competition details on Segwit tomorrow night on make sure you check in.

More information on all the available wallets for Strayacoin, including POS Wallet is available on our website

POS Wallet available for download from the Google PlayStore…

Segwit Support added

Russel Crypto Coighty ” Some cryptos get more updates in a week than others get in 7 days”

We are pleased to announce that Segregated Witness and CheckSequenceVerify are now active on the Strayacoin blockchain.

Well that’s a mouthful worthy of Clive, I hear you say….think of this like ordering Surf and Turf..the steak is the foundation, but everyone wants the prawns on top to really make it sizzle.

Commonly referred to as SegWit and CSV, and already active on bitcoin and litecoin, these two blockchain enhancements form the foundation layer for future developments in second layer protocols where a lot of development efforts are currently being directed to bring cryptocurrencies to mainstream adoption.

The first is Lightning Network Payment Channels where Micro payments such as time based subscriptions are possible, as well as realtime confirmations. The second is cross chain trading between cryptocurrencies (atomic swaps).

Both of these examples require time locked transactions enabled by CSV to “hold” funds until settlement.

To celebrate, there will be a competition on Cryptocobbers group..stay tuned.

“Remember, Noobs spend plenty on crypto and pay the ultimate price, some even lose bucks” Russel Crypto Coighty

Blockbid listing confirmed

Time for us to head to the big smoke, Melbourne, with agreement to list on a true blue Aussie exchange. We are pleased to announce that Strayacoin will list on Blockbid with an Aussie Dollar pairing. NAH-AUD trading with a fully insured KYC/AML local exchange is sure to get things cooking

Horspower Confirmed – Strayacoin to the Cross

Great news. After the testing announced last week, our devs have continued testing and Strayacoin is now ready for an upgrade under the hood (like moving from a Datsun 120Y to a Datsun 240Z).

We are upgrading to use an adaptive mining difficulty called Dark Gravity Wave, which adjusts mining difficulty every block based on the amount of mining being done, this is expected to regulate the blocks so they occur, on average, every 2.5 minutes as they should.

A number of other enhancements are included, but mostly behind the scenes. This upgrade will occur on the running main blockchain in the coming days at block 63260. Exchanges, block explorer, and mining pools have been notified and everyone is expected to be upgraded by then.

WHATS THE SKINNY: what we need you to do, is upgrade your strayacoin-qt windows wallets. This involves downloading the updated wallet from and unzipping it to the same location you did previously.

Please do not delete any files in your data directory including your wallet.dat file ! (standard data directory is c:\users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\strayacoin folder.) (You should have backed this file up already anyhow!). When you run the new wallet, it will connect to the existing blockchain and nodes, and you will notice that some of them will be version All nodes that do not upgrade before block 63260, or fresh installs, will need to copy over the strayacoin.conf file included in the download package to the folder mentioned above, using the instructions included in the readme.txt file included with the download.

To the Cross our Straya brothers! (in Southern Skies or Sydney version all good)