The Halvening is Coming !

Generation of new blocks on the Strayacoin blockchain is powered by people around the world who mine the blocks, securing the distributed ledger. They solve a complicated maths problem based on the Scrypt Algorithm to link the new transactions added to the blockchain to the prior block. It all has to tie together so that the chain represents an unbroken record of transactions that have taken place.

There is a reward for doing so, currently 50 NAH.

There is a halvening coming, and will continue to happen approximately every 14 months until there are no coins left, at which time transaction fees become the only reward.

The first halvening is occuring around the 6th May.


Block Reward Halvening

StrayaPOS Distributor Model Updated

Great news…higher commission built in, and designed to be ‘Commission Free’ for business owners

We have today released updated StrayaPOS, BitcoinPOS and LitecoinPOS apps to the Google Play Store. These apps now have the Distributor commission built into the exchange rate used for customer payments, with the Distributor commission increased to 4.5%.

As can be seen below, a business that takes payments of more than $8.60 per day would be a candidate for a Distributor to invest in placing a terminal.

Now that the website has been migrated to a new home, we have a broader range of build tools. We hope you enjoy the new website layout and improved content. The StrayaPOS page has been updated with all the details of this announcement, as has the Distributor Kit in our shop.

StrayaPOS Terminals Released !

Happy Straya-day everyone. Its been 12 months since the launch of the Strayacoin blockchain, and now its time to take our flagship product to shopfronts across the world.

After the completion of Beta trials, we are pleased to announce the official release of our StrayaPOS Terminals, THE solution for bringing crypto-currency payments to retail businesses in an easy to use device.

A shop has been added to our website where the POS Terminals can be purchased.

On the shop is also a distributor kit..everyone can get involved. Start by dropping some brochures at shops you think would benefit from accepting crypto…snag some, then reel in the commissions..easy as. Terminal supports Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin using our linked software applications.

Buy the Terminals, configure according to our simple Setup Guide, then place in a shop and sit back while the StrayaPOS terminal does the work (it’s the Aussie way) ! Either On-sell the terminals, charge a monthly fee, or whack them in free of charge (totally up to you what distributor model you choose).

Support the expansion of crypto-currency payments globally..our POS Terminals support the following languages

English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese

Shipping is available worldwide !

So..lets explain this example modelling prepared for distributors…check out the green highlighted…if a business is capable of consistently doing $66.67 per day in crypto payments through the terminal, then the income per month would be $12. If you put the terminal into the business free of charge, then you would recover the terminal cost and 40% profit over a 2 year period ! of course there are risks..lost/stolen terminal..your labour cost to set it up and provide support to the business owner..we have setup the model to show you how the options play out.

Be quick for the Distributor Kits..or print your own. We are printing 1000 brochures (40 packs) in the first run, and will cover the postage on these within Australia…just to get things rolling.

Multi-crypto support on our POS

One Terminal to Rule over crypto payments ?

Having a Strayacoin POS Terminal is fine..but what about accepting bitcoin and litecoin on the same terminal..with all the same functionality……..we have you covered ! 😎

Here are some videos showing that functionality. Multi-cryptocurrency support Bitcoin Transaction Litecoin Transaction

All this is included in the Strayacoin POS Beta Testing program underway now…stay tuned and HODL those NAH !

Buying Pizza on the StrayaPOS – first live shop transaction

First live transaction on the Strayacoin POS Terminal, which accepts Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. @ D’Ago: Woodfired Pizza & Kebab

Strayacoin POS Beta trials are on, and what better way to celebrate cryptocurrency than buying a pizza in the tradition of bitcoin on May 22, 2010. Video at D’ago Pizza and Kebab in Brisbane, 17th October 2018.

StrayaPOS Beta Tests Begin

Straya POS Terminal Beta tests begin !
Orange POS Terminals have arrived from our overseas supplier and started to be deployed in businesses. We have updated with new artwork and videos showing the terminals in action.

Also, there is now a map for businesses accepting Strayacoin available on the web at a great time to get out there and spend some NAH supporting the early adopters of this disruptive technology. Use the in-built map in the Android Strayacoin Wallet to guide you to the selected business.

Windows Wallet updated to 1.2.1

Strayacoin wallet for Windows, v1.2.1 released. Get it from the link on

Some of you may have read about a recent bitcoin bug found and a fix released (three weeks ago). You can read one of the articles here.…/

Strayacoin has updated our Core Wallet software in response to this, and posted the updated source code and release software on github (a click through from our website takes you to the releases for download).