New Listing for Aussie Born Coin bringing it out of its Shell

29 March 2020

The Australian dollar seems to be sinking faster than an Australian Prime Minister swimming off the southern New South Wales coast. Meanwhile Strayacoin (Australia’s favourite cryptocurrency) has remained more stable than Australia’s wage growth in recent years. Strayacoin has secured its network further and expanded its market reach by being listed on a new cryptocurrency exchange. Unnamed Exchange has been delighted to add Strayacoin to its exchange of Altcoins. “Having a proof of work coin with a low total supply cap and a working point of sale product is very attractive to us and having it on our exchange is a good fit” Steve John one of the developers from Unnamed Exchange reported.

Davo from Strayacoin said “We are stoked to have so many supporters rally around this little Aussie gem, just last week with the economic climate around COVID-19 we are seeing an increase in merchant interest with our point of sale app and our online shop. The bog roll has been rolling out the door! We also have an active dev team that are squeezing out little nuggets of gold too”.

Strayacoin responds to Nation’s appetite for bog roll.

Your favourite cryptocurrency ‘Strayacoin’ is now officially an ‘apocalyptic mad max inspired world’ digital currency which can be used to buy the most popular crisis commodity – Toilet paper.

If you are on the porcelain throne and have found yourself with a class 9 mud butt syndrome then the Strayacoin online shop is the place to visit. There you can exchange your digital dollarydoos ‘Strayacoins’ for a bog roll or two at reasonable ‘Australian’ prices. There is no un-Australian price gouging going on in this joint. We are here for our fellow Australians young or old to ensure you have your god-given birthright upheld to enable you to wipe your rear-end with nothing short of non-recycled bleached white ‘soft to the touch’ 3 ply gold.

Love. Sincerely Yours,

Strayacoin Team

Cadbury Caramilk Chockie Crypto Celebration for Aussie Day 2020

25 January 2020

Australia Day is dear to our hearts at like that one day of the year in Bathurst on Mt Panorama where Brockie was king. That is why for 2020 we wanted to celebrate and share our joy with our fellow Australians and sell Caramilk Chockie blocks for cheap! After eating all of our limited edition Vegemite Cadbury chockie block stash last Aussie day this year we pulled a few strings and paid off a few woolies staff who stockpiled the Caramilk chockie blocks as soon as they came off the truck. You can now find them only available at our Store for only $2.00. Unlike Peter Brocks crystals this product is guaranteed to please and polarise your energy like a Pavlova to a diabetic. Available for purchase in Strayacoin from Australia Day on, with a limit of 1 unit per person. Happy Straya Day!

Strayacoin Reflective bumper stickers are now a thing

You or anyone, even Davo down the road can buy there very own ‘Nah Yeah Strayacoin’ Bumper/window sticker from Strayacoin’s online store and pop it on the old Falcon or Commodore. If you own a flashy european beamer or merc, it is the perfect accessory to stave off being called a wanker and dick head by your mates and randoms passing by. This little 200mm of reflective vinyl gold is the perfect accessory to display your strayaness and understated chill vibe.

New Marketing Resources for global grass-roots growth

The developer team has been busy working on a few projects recently that will hopefully bear fruit in the next few months for strayacoin. In light of this, the team has created a marketing resource repository page which is intended to hold all artwork and designs for merchandise and paraphernalia.

Like the old adage, There is more power in numbers than a single individual. Creating a artwork repository will easily allow any investor/HODLER in Strayacoin to create their own merchandise wherever they maybe in the world. Perfect for gift ideas (Birthday or Christmas) for any coiners or no-coiners of any age.

Strayacoin provides 1st free lesson plan on cryptocurrency to high school teachers.

It is no secret that Strayacoin has been heaps busy lately. One item of hard yards which has just started to come good for the growing volunteer developer team is the first high school lesson plan. The free resource is designed to be one of many in a series of educational resources to help out teachers world-wide. This initiative is inline with the proof of work coins’ very long term and consistent goal of driving mass adoption and awareness of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Strayacoin) to new users and merchants.

The beauty of this resource is that it is available to all english speaking teachers with an internet connection. No matter how limited the resources of the school may be in their part of the world; high school students can now have the opportunity to dive deep into cryptocurrency and learn about it in class from their teachers.

The first released lesson plan is titled “Introduction to Cryptocurrency” and the target age group of the series is between 14 and 18 years, but it is likely that many younger star students could excel at understanding the content. Mark is one of the volunteer developers/contributors at Strayacoin behind the resource concept. When asked whats the difference of these educational resources to others online? Mark replied “We heard from high school teachers that they knew teaching resources on cryptocurrency were online but they were all over the place. We just made it easy for high school teachers. They can download our whole free lesson plans on cryptocurrency from the strayacoin website, request a small amount of strayacoins from the strayacoin foundation so they can also do practicals and teach their students using the android wallet app and Point of Sale apps in the classroom.” Mark has also promised that the lesson plans do not contain any Australian English grammar nuances so as not to impede on any student’s ability to understand the content. Much to the disappointment of high school students everywhere in Australia.

The prospect of students sending crypto to each other on their phones or laptop in the classroom is a novel one; when asked Mark if he thought high school students were mature enough to learn about cryptocurrency in the classroom? he replied “It is more likely that the initial head scratchers in class will be the teachers themselves delivering the content. Most students already know the principles of cryptocurrency like bitcoin and how its fundamental system relies on math, you might get the students teaching the teacher.”

Strayacoin is a means of exchange coin with a max total supply at 25mil, it has multiple wallet types including its own on its website, with selected merchants around the world accepting strayacoin by using its free Android POS app its a coin that is getting noticed. It can now add teachers aide to its CV.

Strayacoin Jags another Merchant in South East Asia

Strayacoin has been gaining momentum recently like a GTHO Ford Falcon with shoddy brakes. On the back of an exchange listing with Strayacoin is picking up merchant interest in popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. The latest to register on Strayacoin’s android/desktop interactive map is a Surf School business on Kuta Beach in Bali. When asking the Balinese owner Toni on why he chose Strayacoin’s Point of Sale over others on the market? He said: ‘I want to attract more tourists to my business and cryptocurrency is what the young people know. The app is easy, i just download and can use”.


With more merchant awareness at home and overseas along with a dedicated developer team and a strong grass roots supporter base; Strayacoin is spreading and becoming potent like a bad case of Bali Belly.

New Exchange Listing on

Strayacoin has now officially come of age and gone OS to the UK to be listed on the British based exchange. With new pairs like TUSD (TrueUSD) and Litecoin joining another BTC pair on the British based altcoin exchange. Strayacoin is now growing up to take on anything that is thrown at it like a young Aussie backpacker in a Dutch coffee shop.

You can visit the market pairs here:

StrayaPOS adds BitcoinSV support


StrayaPOS has added support for Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) with plans to add Bitcoin Cash in the near future. Both of these coins are currently in the Top 10 by market cap.

Our vision of expanding the StrayaPOS eco-system to support multi coins, multi-currency and multi-language is well under way. Business owners will be able to accept many of the highly traded and valuable crypto-currency coins on the planet

Of course, the BitcoinSV POS app follows our proven design, and includes all the standard POS features, Manager Over-Ride and Maps Business Registration as our other POS apps, all integrated by our Coin Select Menu.

The StrayaPOS framework is based on a fully decentralised model, offering unmatched independence and privacy, directly connecting to each blockchain using light weight Simplified Payment Verification.

Haven’t heard of StrayaPOS before? Check out our StrayaPOS page, and buy one for your business on our online Shop. Distributor opportunities are available, and can provide an ongoing stream of payments for those who get onboard with our program.

Click to get the BitcoinSV POS app designed for StrayaPOS

During this development, we have optimised the sync time for all the POS Wallets, reducing the time for initial setup and wallet recovery. We will push the update to Google Play and notify POS users of the addition of Bitcoin SV to our eco-system.

Bitcoin SV has been chosen as it offers an opportunity for our devs to start looking at the Tokenized Smart Contract System which is in development on the Bitcoin SV Chain. Tokenized is an Australian innovation and has great potential to bring all kinds of additional functionality to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, such as issuance or trading of digital tokens, opening additional use cases for our POS.

Strayacoin Shop now accepts NAH / provides a Crypto Wallet this is an announcement which is worth reading to the end.

In the last few months, we have been working behind the scenes on rebuilds for our backend servers. You’ve seen StrayaPOS, which accepts NAH, BTC and LTC, and allows business registrations. You’ve seen the Twitter and Discord Tipping bots which move around NAH without having to use addresses.

Now we bring you another step towards our vision of integration. Acceptance of NAH in our online Strayacoin Shop…yep..use your NAH to buy stuff online.

The future potential of our Shop and the framework we are building behind will help to expand our use case of NAH to buy stuff..anywhere..anytime, on any platform. Think Strayacoin Merchandise, Pizza Voucher Digital Downloads (who doesnt love those), coupons for discounts based on supporting Strayacoin…

For the first five(5) customers to upload some NAH (100 should do) and buy the 1000NAH Rebate from the Shop…well you get…1000 NAH rebate…all for the cost of 10 Aussie cents worth of NAH. Our backend servers update the price every 10 minutes according to the latest exchange rate, so you know you will get real value for NAH.

…but wait…there’s more…we also have a Web Crypto Wallet built in…your NAH needs to be on the shop wallet in your Logged in Account. So Signup, respond to the email to setup your password..and load up some NAH…then you are off to the races.

The wallet is really awesome..and setup to support BTC or LTC when we are ready for further integration… Deposit by copying address, or scanning QR Code..Withdraw to another wallet, Transfer to other users on the site, or view the transactions already.

For Withdrawals, Confirmation by Email helps to protect your NAH. We also have Hot/Cold Wallet capabilities to move NAH to offline store, and bring it back when required…but as we always advise, keeping your NAH in your own wallet with your own keys is always the safest place to keep it. We will do what we can to keep NAH safe on our site through Daily Server backups, but appreciate you dont use the store to HODL your main bag of NAH.

To celebrate these developments, and for a zero cost experience, we have made available Jack Hurleys Practical Guide to Crypto Investing, Australia Edition free of charge as a Digital Download from the Shop. Signup required.

We are a community coin, but striving to make Strayacoin the best crypto project for both Physical and Web based stores in Australia and beyond.

Stay tuned for more great announcements, feel free to check out our prior achievements and upcoming developments on our Down the Track page.