Strayacoin Jags another Merchant in South East Asia

Strayacoin has been gaining momentum recently like a GTHO Ford Falcon with shoddy brakes. On the back of an exchange listing with Strayacoin is picking up merchant interest in popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. The latest to register on Strayacoin’s android/desktop interactive map is a Surf School business on Kuta Beach in Bali. When asking the Balinese owner Toni on why he chose Strayacoin’s Point of Sale over others on the market? He said: ‘I want to attract more tourists to my business and cryptocurrency is what the young people know. The app is easy, i just download and can use”.


With more merchant awareness at home and overseas along with a dedicated developer team and a strong grass roots supporter base; Strayacoin is spreading and becoming potent like a bad case of Bali Belly.

New Exchange Listing on

Strayacoin has now officially come of age and gone OS to the UK to be listed on the British based exchange. With new pairs like TUSD (TrueUSD) and Litecoin joining another BTC pair on the British based altcoin exchange. Strayacoin is now growing up to take on anything that is thrown at it like a young Aussie backpacker in a Dutch coffee shop.

You can visit the market pairs here:

StrayaPOS adds BitcoinSV support


StrayaPOS has added support for Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) with plans to add Bitcoin Cash in the near future. Both of these coins are currently in the Top 10 by market cap.

Our vision of expanding the StrayaPOS eco-system to support multi coins, multi-currency and multi-language is well under way. Business owners will be able to accept many of the highly traded and valuable crypto-currency coins on the planet

Of course, the BitcoinSV POS app follows our proven design, and includes all the standard POS features, Manager Over-Ride and Maps Business Registration as our other POS apps, all integrated by our Coin Select Menu.

The StrayaPOS framework is based on a fully decentralised model, offering unmatched independence and privacy, directly connecting to each blockchain using light weight Simplified Payment Verification.

Haven’t heard of StrayaPOS before? Check out our StrayaPOS page, and buy one for your business on our online Shop. Distributor opportunities are available, and can provide an ongoing stream of payments for those who get onboard with our program.

Click to get the BitcoinSV POS app designed for StrayaPOS

During this development, we have optimised the sync time for all the POS Wallets, reducing the time for initial setup and wallet recovery. We will push the update to Google Play and notify POS users of the addition of Bitcoin SV to our eco-system.

Bitcoin SV has been chosen as it offers an opportunity for our devs to start looking at the Tokenized Smart Contract System which is in development on the Bitcoin SV Chain. Tokenized is an Australian innovation and has great potential to bring all kinds of additional functionality to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, such as issuance or trading of digital tokens, opening additional use cases for our POS.

Strayacoin Shop now accepts NAH / provides a Crypto Wallet this is an announcement which is worth reading to the end.

In the last few months, we have been working behind the scenes on rebuilds for our backend servers. You’ve seen StrayaPOS, which accepts NAH, BTC and LTC, and allows business registrations. You’ve seen the Twitter and Discord Tipping bots which move around NAH without having to use addresses.

Now we bring you another step towards our vision of integration. Acceptance of NAH in our online Strayacoin Shop…yep..use your NAH to buy stuff online.

The future potential of our Shop and the framework we are building behind will help to expand our use case of NAH to buy stuff..anywhere..anytime, on any platform. Think Strayacoin Merchandise, Pizza Voucher Digital Downloads (who doesnt love those), coupons for discounts based on supporting Strayacoin…

For the first five(5) customers to upload some NAH (100 should do) and buy the 1000NAH Rebate from the Shop…well you get…1000 NAH rebate…all for the cost of 10 Aussie cents worth of NAH. Our backend servers update the price every 10 minutes according to the latest exchange rate, so you know you will get real value for NAH.

…but wait…there’s more…we also have a Web Crypto Wallet built in…your NAH needs to be on the shop wallet in your Logged in Account. So Signup, respond to the email to setup your password..and load up some NAH…then you are off to the races.

The wallet is really awesome..and setup to support BTC or LTC when we are ready for further integration… Deposit by copying address, or scanning QR Code..Withdraw to another wallet, Transfer to other users on the site, or view the transactions already.

For Withdrawals, Confirmation by Email helps to protect your NAH. We also have Hot/Cold Wallet capabilities to move NAH to offline store, and bring it back when required…but as we always advise, keeping your NAH in your own wallet with your own keys is always the safest place to keep it. We will do what we can to keep NAH safe on our site through Daily Server backups, but appreciate you dont use the store to HODL your main bag of NAH.

To celebrate these developments, and for a zero cost experience, we have made available Jack Hurleys Practical Guide to Crypto Investing, Australia Edition free of charge as a Digital Download from the Shop. Signup required.

We are a community coin, but striving to make Strayacoin the best crypto project for both Physical and Web based stores in Australia and beyond.

Stay tuned for more great announcements, feel free to check out our prior achievements and upcoming developments on our Down the Track page.

2nd Reward Era has started

Before pub closing time Friday night, the Strayacoin blockchain reached a milestone, with the baked in coin issuing algorithm reducing new coins being minted by 50% (now 25NAH per block). This restricts new supply and makes it harder to get strayacoin through mining.

A sing out to Davo who runs our very own Strayapool. Congratulations on mining the block

Waxing nostalgic, we thought this might be a good time to reflect on achievements to date and give an indication of whats coming up…but then we though..hey..we have a page for that already.

Strayacoin Reward Era explained – Halvening in 5 days from now

Strayacoins are issued to miners as reward for securing our network. Initially, they are issued at 50 coins per block of transactions. Sometime on the 10th May, the reward will decrease to 25 coins, when we move from our first reward era to the second. Inflation (the amount of new coins being produced relative to the amount on issue) will significantly reduce on that day from 85% to 42%, and continually reduce in the coming years, until no new coins are issued, and miner reward is based solely on transaction fees.

For comparison, Bitcoin inflation is now approximately 4%, and will fall to below 2% in 2020. It has taken bitcoin 10 years to get to this point because blocks are only issued every 10 minutes. When we look at Litecoin, which has the same block time of 2.5 minutes as Strayacoin, and released in late 2011, it will have its inflation cut from around 9% to 4% in August this year (7 years after launch). Strayacoin only has a maximum cap of 24.8 Million coins..and since all these three coins mentioned start out with 50 coins on issue for each block, Strayacoin will reach similar levels of inflation in 2021-22, three years after launch.

Enjoy the rain of coins while they wont always be easy to get them, as the graph and table below show !

Twitterverse now has a Strayacoin Tipping Bot..getting things done the Strayian way

Everyones on you can tip anyone…

Introducing @strayatipbot .. the 2nd of Strayacoins second layer apps…

its our answer to the call, to make crypto easy for all.
Send that digital cash..Yeah-NAH mate..I already tipped you on twitter

What a Great Aussie Adventure with Russel. He definitely deserves some NAH. Reply with a tip to any tweet and the bot will follow your orders !

Direct Message the Bot. You’re in charge…

Try it out.
. PM
the bot with “deposit” to get a NAHly Strayacoin address
.. Send some funds from your Strayacoin wallet
(even use your Discord accountfor this..see last announcement…catch up)
… Check your balance with…doh…”balance”
…. Create a new tweet “@strayatipbot @strayacrypto 1000 NAH thanks for your new tipbot”

We will tip followers/twitter shares of this announcement all weekend, or until the beer runs out, so get on it, and get some NAH …help us with our marketing..a few NAH here, a few NAH there…reply to your FFT’s (favourite famous tweeters) with a tip….especially the ones who have lots of followers who read the comments !

Discordian Gamers: The Strayatip Bot is here!

Want to share some NAH with your mates..perhaps they helped you out in Game, or you’re just a really generous type.

Welcome to the first of our second layer apps, building on the Strayacoin blockchain to provide an easy and fast transfer of micro-payments without even having a wallet installed! How fast…well…lightning fast.

Instructions for Use
Tipping Example
Tip Deposit

The bot can be added to any Discord Server using THIS LINK, and is already active on our Discord Channel. Join us for Friday night shouts to new members.

There are a stack of uses for this bot..For example, Discord has a Game Overlay feature being heavily worked..and it looks awesome. Integrated payments to your mates while playing..tip them for their jawdropping performance saving you from the hoards in your favourite FPS…or collect tips from your awestruck fans on twitch or youtube live gaming.

So how does this magic…it just does. Load up your tips to the bot, then smash out the dough like a baker making pies. If you want to cash out..slot it back in your wallet… the money dance.

DISCORD SERVER ADMINS: Add Strayatip bot to your discord server..if we think it is legit..and it has more than 100 members, we will join and tip 1000NAH..first 10 only. This will be totally at our discretion..we will be looking for active communities who would use the bot for micro-transactions between humans.

The Halvening is Coming !

Generation of new blocks on the Strayacoin blockchain is powered by people around the world who mine the blocks, securing the distributed ledger. They solve a complicated maths problem based on the Scrypt Algorithm to link the new transactions added to the blockchain to the prior block. It all has to tie together so that the chain represents an unbroken record of transactions that have taken place.

There is a reward for doing so, currently 50 NAH.

There is a halvening coming, and will continue to happen approximately every 14 months until there are no coins left, at which time transaction fees become the only reward.

The first halvening is occuring around the 6th May.


Block Reward Halvening

StrayaPOS Distributor Model Updated

Great news…higher commission built in, and designed to be ‘Commission Free’ for business owners

We have today released updated StrayaPOS, BitcoinPOS and LitecoinPOS apps to the Google Play Store. These apps now have the Distributor commission built into the exchange rate used for customer payments, with the Distributor commission increased to 4.5%.

As can be seen below, a business that takes payments of more than $8.60 per day would be a candidate for a Distributor to invest in placing a terminal.

Now that the website has been migrated to a new home, we have a broader range of build tools. We hope you enjoy the new website layout and improved content. The StrayaPOS page has been updated with all the details of this announcement, as has the Distributor Kit in our shop.