Ghana Merchant Crypto cluster chooses Strayacoin Point of Sale App.

The African country of Ghana has had an interest in accepting Cryptocurrency of late with a cluster of businesses along Ghana’s coast adopting for Strayacoins free android POS wallets to accept Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The business types range from a Beauty salon, provisions store to an electrical/hardware store to a consulting firm.

Ako, the electrical/hardware business owner when asked why he thinks so many Ghana businesses are wanting to accept cryptocurrency instead of the Ghana Cedi? “I believe that many Ghanese people are starting to understand and learn about cryptocurrency. Many have heard about bitcoin and litecoin and now strayacoin. I know many are worried about trusting their government that they wont just print more and inflate their fiat currency. In Africa, there is a bit of history of this. Accepting crypto coins that have a defined limited supply and are proof of work hedges against this risk of government just printing more cash”.

When asked why he thinks the Strayacoin point of sale android app was chosen as the app of choice in these African businesses? Ako replied, ” The Strayacoin community and developers on telegram are very active and helpful. Many of us business owners were after a free accesssible android app to accept bitcoin and strayacoin but many of us are still new to cryptocurrency. Having quick support is very helpful. Also Strayacoin is very popular among many young African people. They are running full-nodes, mining strayacoin with their computers. The price is still quite low and affordable and many young people are buying it.”

Strayacoin’s official telegram group ( is experiencing explosive growth of new members from the African continent. For regular updates join our telegram group and Discord channel.

Aussie Coin’s popularity in India on the rise

The Indian subcontinent is seeing a rise of popularity for an Aussie cryptocurrency, Strayacoin. The subcontinent and Australia have a unique and very close relationship when it comes to international relations. Both can enjoy a good game of cricket and a good bowl of curry and beer. Now it appears both have something else in common, Hodling and sending each other $NAH’s from lost cricket game wagers.

One of Strayacoin’s official Telegram accounts has recently seen a surge of Indian members join it and it appears to be growing. When Imran (one of the marketing admins of the Strayacoin developer team) was asked what was next planned for Strayacoin in the Indian sub-continent? He reponded “It is up to the supporter base, we would like to see more members join and for people to learn about cryptocurrency using our Strayacoin. It has an android wallet app that makes it easy for people to use it. Next would be to have an Indian exchange come on board with us and help us grow in the Indian market. You never know, perhaps next time you visit New Delhi markets the vendors will be accepting Strayacoin!”

2nd Block Reward Halvening On Its Way

Everyone likes it when they have something that is rare. Mining Strayacoin follows the halvening principal, where the reward for mining is reduced in half as another half of the remaining coins to mine are released. Well this is about to happen for the second time mid August for the Strayacoin protocol. Check out our widget at the bottom of the homepage to see the countdown timer

When a halvening event occurs, there is a reduction in the inflation rate on the coins that are in the wild, and reduces the new coins coming into exchanges for trading.

Most HODL the coins, but some think they can mine and then quickly sell for something else. Dont get me wrong..mining is great, but HODLing is better. …so this is why inflation is important..

With the current economic climate around the world post COVID-19 nearly all central banks are printing their fiat currency to what seems like infinity. Strayacoin however is on of those digital coins that falls into the class of cryptocurrencies that is a deflationary digital currency since it is its own minable blockchain.

Strayacoin is gaining popularity all over Africa

Strayacoin is gathering support in Africa with the growth of full node wallets popping up over the continent. ‘Tony’ (pictured) from Nigeria when asked why he has and runs an Strayacoin full node wallet? said “it has limited supply and has many use cases, businesses in Africa can accept cryptocurrency with strayacoin android wallet”. Indeed Strayacoin’s Point of Sale app on the play store and its’s websites analytics has seen a spike in interest in recent weeks. This may be because of the recent economic climate around the world and people of certain countries growing distrust for their own country’s central bank currency policy.

In addition to Strayacoins utility, the popularity of the coin recently is thought to be due to the growth in number of unemployed people from covid-19. Strayacoins distributor affiliate system means anyone can start earning an indefinite trailing commission in cryptocurrency with zero initial outlay.

Strayacoin building coin utility with game-site integration

Strayacoin is now integrated and accepted for pixel game-site called . The coin has been building utility since early 2019 and this recent website integration now allows for minesweeper/pixel gamer enthusiasts to now play a mix of treasure hunt, colour fights and American election 2020 party vote games with their favourite coin. The game-site allows gamers to win both instant crypto prizes as well as point prizes. The webmaster has even added an Strayacoin treasure hunt game called ‘Outback Treasure Hunt’ with over 2000NAH in prizes to be won. With prize names such as Gidday mate, Fair Dinkum and Flaming Galah its worth giving it a crack.

The developers and grass root supporter base of Strayacoin are always keen to grow the coins utility and expand the Strayacoin network. If you know of a site that could be a good fit to integrate Strayacoin let the developers know. Join our discord and chat with the team.

Smash the Pokies while in iso during COVID-19 with an Aussie Crypto

COVID-19 for many only means scratching your gum-nuts while sitting on your couch at home watching the telly. No pubs, no clubs, no topless sheilas on a friday afternoon at your local serving you cold ones. Now no more! well not quite… we cant promise the schooners delivered to you by a trained uni student waitress but we can promise that pub and club feel with online pokies! Now you can smash the ‘online’ pokies with a beer in hand from the comfort of your own home with your favourite Aussie crypto currency Strayacoin. Like a bug zapper to a mozzie on a warm summers night, the online gambling site offers copious amounts of audio and visual stimulation through their many themed virtual poker machine games. Now you can still smash the pokies and not put a pensioner at risk of COVID-19 death. Go on tell your mates! save a life!

New Listing for Aussie Born Coin bringing it out of its Shell

29 March 2020

The Australian dollar seems to be sinking faster than an Australian Prime Minister swimming off the southern New South Wales coast. Meanwhile Strayacoin (Australia’s favourite cryptocurrency) has remained more stable than Australia’s wage growth in recent years. Strayacoin has secured its network further and expanded its market reach by being listed on a new cryptocurrency exchange. Unnamed Exchange has been delighted to add Strayacoin to its exchange of Altcoins. “Having a proof of work coin with a low total supply cap and a working point of sale product is very attractive to us and having it on our exchange is a good fit” Steve John one of the developers from Unnamed Exchange reported.

Davo from Strayacoin said “We are stoked to have so many supporters rally around this little Aussie gem, just last week with the economic climate around COVID-19 we are seeing an increase in merchant interest with our point of sale app and our online shop. The bog roll has been rolling out the door! We also have an active dev team that are squeezing out little nuggets of gold too”.

Strayacoin responds to Nation’s appetite for bog roll.

Your favourite cryptocurrency ‘Strayacoin’ is now officially an ‘apocalyptic mad max inspired world’ digital currency which can be used to buy the most popular crisis commodity – Toilet paper.

If you are on the porcelain throne and have found yourself with a class 9 mud butt syndrome then the Strayacoin online shop is the place to visit. There you can exchange your digital dollarydoos ‘Strayacoins’ for a bog roll or two at reasonable ‘Australian’ prices. There is no un-Australian price gouging going on in this joint. We are here for our fellow Australians young or old to ensure you have your god-given birthright upheld to enable you to wipe your rear-end with nothing short of non-recycled bleached white ‘soft to the touch’ 3 ply gold.

Love. Sincerely Yours,

Strayacoin Team

Cadbury Caramilk Chockie Crypto Celebration for Aussie Day 2020

25 January 2020

Australia Day is dear to our hearts at like that one day of the year in Bathurst on Mt Panorama where Brockie was king. That is why for 2020 we wanted to celebrate and share our joy with our fellow Australians and sell Caramilk Chockie blocks for cheap! After eating all of our limited edition Vegemite Cadbury chockie block stash last Aussie day this year we pulled a few strings and paid off a few woolies staff who stockpiled the Caramilk chockie blocks as soon as they came off the truck. You can now find them only available at our Store for only $2.00. Unlike Peter Brocks crystals this product is guaranteed to please and polarise your energy like a Pavlova to a diabetic. Available for purchase in Strayacoin from Australia Day on, with a limit of 1 unit per person. Happy Straya Day!

Strayacoin Reflective bumper stickers are now a thing

You or anyone, even Davo down the road can buy there very own ‘Nah Yeah Strayacoin’ Bumper/window sticker from Strayacoin’s online store and pop it on the old Falcon or Commodore. If you own a flashy european beamer or merc, it is the perfect accessory to stave off being called a wanker and dick head by your mates and randoms passing by. This little 200mm of reflective vinyl gold is the perfect accessory to display your strayaness and understated chill vibe.