Mining your own Strayacoin cryptocurrency can be relatively easy if you have some time. If you want instructions on how to setup you own Strayacoin Full node and how to use the Strayacoin core qt software you can get instructions here. There are also a few ways that you can mine Strayacoin. Lets go through these here.

How to mine Strayacoin on NVIDIA hardware

I assume you already know a bit about hardware, wallets, pools and a bit about how the blockchain works. You should also have the latest NVIDIA drivers.

Step 1 – Getting a wallet

Firstly, you are going to need a wallet. I’d personally recommend the Windows wallet and a mobile wallet as a companion Generate a wallet address, and make sure your wallet and blockchain are synced.

Write down your 12 backup codes and take note of your public and private keys!

Step 2 – Downloading mining software

Mining software is what will make this whole operation chooch. CCMiner is an open-source CUDA miner, allowing us to utilize the CUDA cores on out NVIDIA graphics card to their full potential. You can find CCMiner at Note that you will have to allow this program through the antivirus and firewall software on your computer. It should automatically ask you to “Allow a program through the firewall”. Once you have downloaded the mining software, extract the zip file to a directory of your choosing and run “CCMiner-x64.exe” so the initial configuration file is generated.

Step 3 – Joining a pool

A pool allows you to mine alongside other people, and distribute resources equally. The Australian mining pool, “” allows Strayacoin to be mined using their stratum+tcp scrypt mining server. You can find at The pool url you are going to use will be

stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=NAH, d=32768

Insert your Strayacoin receive wallet address in the section above ‘inbetween’ the <> brackets.

For other Mining pool options you can google search ‘Strayacoin mining pools’. Another reputable mining pool if you are wanting to mine Strayacoin from anywhere else in the world besides South East Asia visit and update the region to your region, then use that update code.

Step 4 – Making the configuration file

Inside the folder where “CCMiner-x64.exe” resides, there should be a file called “ccminer.conf”. We need to edit that file to add our pool url and credentials. Here is a premade one, you just need to copy and paste the contents, then change the wallet address.

	"_comment1" : "Possible keys are the long options (ccminer --help)",
	"_comment2" : "todo: support /* comments */",
	"api-bind": "",
	"statsavg": 20,
	"quiet" : false,
	"debug" : false,
	"protocol" : false,
	"cpu-priority" : 3,
	"algo" : "scrypt",
	"url" : "stratum+tcp://",
	"user" : "<strayacoin wallet address>",
	"pass" : "c=NAH"

Once you have pasted and saved the “ccminer.conf” file, you should run “CCMiner-x64.exe” as a standard user. This will connect to the mining pool and calibrate the GPU, so the client can start getting assigned jobs. This should take about 2 minutes. The output should look a bit like this:

[2020-05-20 09:36:53] Starting on stratum+tcp://
[2020-05-20 09:36:53] NVML GPU monitoring enabled.
[2020-05-20 09:36:53] NVAPI GPU monitoring enabled.
[2020-05-20 09:36:53] 1 miner thread started, using 'scrypt' algorithm.
[2020-05-20 09:36:54] Stratum difficulty set to 128 (0.00195)
[2020-05-20 09:36:54] scrypt block 445860, diff 115.701
[2020-05-20 09:36:56] GPU #0: 32 hashes / 4.0 MB per warp.
[2020-05-20 09:36:56] GPU #0: Performing auto-tuning, please wait 2 minutes...
[2020-05-20 09:36:56] GPU #0: maximum total warps (BxW): 741
[2020-05-20 09:37:47] GPU #0: <XXXX> MHz <Temp>C FAN 0% 

Once that has finished, you should see this:

[2020-05-20 09:40:07] GPU #0: 3613972.59 hash/s with configuration T6x24
[2020-05-20 09:40:07] GPU #0: using launch configuration T6x24
[2020-05-20 09:40:07] GPU #0: Intensity set to 12.125, 4608 cuda threads
[2020-05-20 09:40:07] scrypt factor set to 9 (1024)
[2020-05-20 09:40:09] scrypt block 445872, diff 63.772
[2020-05-20 09:40:11] GPU #0: NVIDIA <Card model>, <Speed> kH/s

If you see this every 30 seconds or so, Congratulations! You’re mining!

accepted: 1/1 (diff 0.003), 2698.65 kH/s yes!

You have just mined one block!

Step 5 – Checking your progress

To see when the next payout is, and how much you have made, visit You will be able to see your mining statistics and much more once you enter your payout wallet address / username. You can mine with multiple computers / workers at once, just use the configuration file.

  1. When the difficulty rate is low for strayacoin it could be worth throwing your own PC power at it and joining a Strayacoin pool. Instructions as follows:
  • Download Strayacoin Core on github here:
  • Extract the files from the zip into a known folder (remember this folder)
  • Click on the Strayacoin- qt file to open the program, wait for the blockchain to download (you are syncing the blockchain of transaction history) -this might take a very long time depending on your computer performance and strayacoin’s blockchain size.
  • Once the blockchain has finished downloading (or even while it is downloading), click “start” or the “start button”. Type in “%appdata%” to get to your Application Data Roaming directory. Open the folder called “Strayacoin”. You shouldn’t see any file called strayacoin or strayacoin.conf. You will need to make this and set it up properly to allow external miners to connect. You can open notepad and enter the following:

Contents of strayacoin.conf should be


  • Make sure you save as “strayacoin.conf” with the type “all file types.” strayacoin.conf.txt won’t work!
  • Now that you have made straycoin.conf, you are going to need to close strayacoin-qt and relaunch in a different way using the Command Prompt. Closing strayacoin-qt’s window isn’t enough, you will need to go into task manager and kill the task/end the task “strayacoin-qt.exe” or “strayacoin-qt”. Then, open up a command prompt by clicking on the start button and typing in “cmd” and clicking on the thing that looks like a black box with white text on it for an icon. Something will pop up that should look like white text on a black background with a blinking cursor with some file path, assuming you haven’t made any modifications to it. You will want to tab over to your open Roaming window (or get back… remember “%appdata%”). In your command prompt, type “cd ” (yes, with the space). Don’t press enter yet.
  • Now, you will go into your Roaming folder and drag all the contents of the strayacoin client folder (the one with strayacoin-qt in it) over to your Strayacoin folder in Roaming. Alternately, if you want to leave it somewhere else, you can cd to there from the command prompt instead, as strayacoin-qt doesn’t look in it’s own folder for strayacoin.conf, but instead looks at the AppData>Roaming>Strayacoin folder for all of that. If you drag the strayacoin-qt client somewhere else, make sure to bring all of strayacoin-qt’s other files that accompany it. Now drag the Strayacoin folder onto the Command Prompt, so it should look something like “C:\Users\Bloodybattler> cd C:\Users\Bloodybattler\AppData\Roaming\Strayacoin” (or some other folder location if that’s where you left strayacoin-qt and that’s where you are trying to cd to). If it looks similar to this, press enter. If it doesn’t throw you any errors, you are doing great.