Segwit Support added

Russel Crypto Coighty ” Some cryptos get more updates in a week than others get in 7 days” We are pleased to announce that Segregated Witness and CheckSequenceVerify are now active on the Strayacoin blockchain. Well that’s a mouthful worthy of Clive, I hear you say….think of this like ordering Surf and Turf..the steak is […]

Blockbid listing confirmed

Time for us to head to the big smoke, Melbourne, with agreement to list on a true blue Aussie exchange. We are pleased to announce that Strayacoin will list on Blockbid with an Aussie Dollar pairing. NAH-AUD trading with a fully insured KYC/AML local exchange is sure to get things cooking

Straya Android Launched

The StrayaCoin Official Wallet for Android devices has been released. Search for strayacoin on the Google Play Store, or click the link below. Special thanks to the beta testers who have run it through its paces over the last week. Check it out here