The Halvening is Coming !

Generation of new blocks on the Strayacoin blockchain is powered by people around the world who mine the blocks, securing the distributed ledger. They solve a complicated maths problem based on the Scrypt Algorithm to link the new transactions added to the blockchain to the prior block. It all has to tie together so that […]

StrayaPOS Distributor Model Updated

Great news…higher commission built in, and designed to be ‘Commission Free’ for business owners We have today released updated StrayaPOS, BitcoinPOS and LitecoinPOS apps to the Google Play Store. These apps now have the Distributor commission built into the exchange rate used for customer payments, with the Distributor commission increased to 4.5%. As can be […]

StrayaPOS Terminals Released !

Happy Straya-day everyone. Its been 12 months since the launch of the Strayacoin blockchain, and now its time to take our flagship product to shopfronts across the world. After the completion of Beta trials, we are pleased to announce the official release of our StrayaPOS Terminals, THE solution for bringing crypto-currency payments to retail businesses […]

The Fast Money test

You’ve all heard of the moose test for cars…where the car accelerates and then swerves to avoid a moose…some dont cut it..well here is the Fast Money Test for our Strayacoin POS Terminal, showing 4 transactions in multiple cryptos..available soon from a distributor near you !

Multi-crypto support on our POS

One Terminal to Rule over crypto payments ? Having a Strayacoin POS Terminal is fine..but what about accepting bitcoin and litecoin on the same terminal..with all the same functionality……..we have you covered ! 😎 Here are some videos showing that functionality. Multi-cryptocurrency support Bitcoin Transaction Litecoin Transaction All this is included in the Strayacoin POS Beta […]