Ghana Merchant Crypto cluster chooses Strayacoin Point of Sale App.

The African country of Ghana has had an interest in accepting Cryptocurrency of late with a cluster of businesses along Ghana’s coast adopting for Strayacoins free android POS wallets to accept Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The business types range from a Beauty salon, provisions store to an electrical/hardware store to a consulting firm. Ako, the […]

Strayacoin building coin utility with game-site integration

Strayacoin is now integrated and accepted for pixel game-site called . The coin has been building utility since early 2019 and this recent website integration now allows for minesweeper/pixel gamer enthusiasts to now play a mix of treasure hunt, colour fights and American election 2020 party vote games with their favourite coin. The game-site […]

New Listing for Aussie Born Coin bringing it out of its Shell

29 March 2020 The Australian dollar seems to be sinking faster than an Australian Prime Minister swimming off the southern New South Wales coast. Meanwhile Strayacoin (Australia’s favourite cryptocurrency) has remained more stable than Australia’s wage growth in recent years. Strayacoin has secured its network further and expanded its market reach by being listed on […]