Segwit Support added

Russel Crypto Coighty ” Some cryptos get more updates in a week than others get in 7 days”

We are pleased to announce that Segregated Witness and CheckSequenceVerify are now active on the Strayacoin blockchain.

Well that’s a mouthful worthy of Clive, I hear you say….think of this like ordering Surf and Turf..the steak is the foundation, but everyone wants the prawns on top to really make it sizzle.

Commonly referred to as SegWit and CSV, and already active on bitcoin and litecoin, these two blockchain enhancements form the foundation layer for future developments in second layer protocols where a lot of development efforts are currently being directed to bring cryptocurrencies to mainstream adoption.

The first is Lightning Network Payment Channels where Micro payments such as time based subscriptions are possible, as well as realtime confirmations. The second is cross chain trading between cryptocurrencies (atomic swaps).

Both of these examples require time locked transactions enabled by CSV to “hold” funds until settlement.

To celebrate, there will be a competition on Cryptocobbers group..stay tuned.

“Remember, Noobs spend plenty on crypto and pay the ultimate price, some even lose bucks” Russel Crypto Coighty