How to Use the Full-node wallet


1.      A computer running Windows 7 or later

2.      A stable internet connection with at least 1 gigabyte of data

3.      10 gigabytes of free C drive space

Downloading the wallet

To download the Strayacoin full node wallet, navigate to and download the latest wallet by clicking on the asset with the zip file extension.

The zip file should now be in the downloads folder on your PC.

Installing the wallet

To install the wallet, create a new folder in a safe location on your PC, extract the zip file to that folder by right clicking inside the open archive and then clicking the extract all button, making sure the location for files to be extracted to is the folder you just created.You should now have a folder that looks like this:

Right click on “Strayacoin-qt.exe” and click “Run as Administrator”

Click yes to the User Account Control prompt

Once the Welcome dialog opens, click OK to use the default data directory.

Then click allow access on the Windows Defender Firewall Security Alert dialog. 

Now the Strayacoin wallet application should have opened. \

Now we need to make a configuration file.
In the Strayacoin Core Wallet application, navigate to settings, options, main

In the bottom left hand corner, click “Open Configuration File” and then OK to the warning dialog.
A dialog like this may appear, click Notepad, and then OK.

Copy and paste what is between the quotes into the notepad window that has just opened:


“Then Click File, Save

Exit Notepad.

Back in Strayacoin Core, click File, Exit. Strayacoin may take up to 2 minutes to close.

Reopen Strayacoin by double clicking on “strayacoin-qt.exe” in the folder with the Strayacoin client inside. 

Strayacoin will start syncing headers. This process can take up to 1 hour, depending on your internet connection, usually this will only take 10 mins. This is a good chance to crack open a cold one or brew a tea, you deserve it.

Once the headers have been synced, Strayacoin will now know what blocks to download, this process will take a long time, possibly hours, as it must download 2 years of blockchain data which is approximately 500 megabytes.

On the positive side, you now have a progress bar to watch whilst you ponder your financial decisions. Before you start yelling at the person who made you do this, note that you can do other things in the background.

Once the wallet has synced, there should be a small tick in the bottom right hand corner

You have now installed Strayacoin!


We now must create a new receiving address, so we can receive payments.

File, Receiving addresses

New, enter a label and click OK.

We now have a new address we can use. To receive Strayacoin, copy the address and give it to the sender.

Public and private key backup

We should now encrypt and take a backup of the wallet.

To do this, navigate to Settings, Encrypt Wallet.

Enter a passphrase that meets the complexity requirements and click OK


Restart Strayacoin. Your wallet will now be encrypted.We now must take a backup of the wallet, to do that, go to File, Backup Wallet

Find a secure location to put the backup, enter a file name for the backup and click save

You have now got a backup of your wallet.

Sending and receiving Strayacoin

Strayacoin is automatically received from the blockchain if you have been sent any.To create a send request, Open the receive tab in the Strayacoin wallet

Enter the label, amount, and message.

Then click “Request Payment”

Share the URL and QR code window that opens with your friends by clicking the copy buttons at the bottom of the window, so they can send you some Strayacoin

Once you have received Strayacoin, it will automatically appear in your wallet as the blockchain syncs automatically

To send someone Strayacoin:
Open the send tab in the Strayacoin wallet

Enter the address they give you, choose the amount you want to send, click recommended for transaction fee, then click send.
Enter your wallet passphrase when prompted

Click Yes on the confirmation dialog

Your transaction will be sent through the blockchain and will now appear in your recent transactions.

To view recent transactions, open the Transactions tab on the top bar

To see a transaction, double click the transaction to view the details

To change currency decimal the wallet is displayed in, click the NAH/YEAH/Dunno button in the bottom right hand corner.

You can Hover over the other icons to see what they mean