Ghana Merchant Crypto cluster chooses Strayacoin Point of Sale App.

The African country of Ghana has had an interest in accepting Cryptocurrency of late with a cluster of businesses along Ghana’s coast adopting for Strayacoins free android POS wallets to accept Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The business types range from a Beauty salon, provisions store to an electrical/hardware store to a consulting firm.

Ako, the electrical/hardware business owner when asked why he thinks so many Ghana businesses are wanting to accept cryptocurrency instead of the Ghana Cedi? “I believe that many Ghanese people are starting to understand and learn about cryptocurrency. Many have heard about bitcoin and litecoin and now strayacoin. I know many are worried about trusting their government that they wont just print more and inflate their fiat currency. In Africa, there is a bit of history of this. Accepting crypto coins that have a defined limited supply and are proof of work hedges against this risk of government just printing more cash”.

When asked why he thinks the Strayacoin point of sale android app was chosen as the app of choice in these African businesses? Ako replied, ” The Strayacoin community and developers on telegram are very active and helpful. Many of us business owners were after a free accesssible android app to accept bitcoin and strayacoin but many of us are still new to cryptocurrency. Having quick support is very helpful. Also Strayacoin is very popular among many young African people. They are running full-nodes, mining strayacoin with their computers. The price is still quite low and affordable and many young people are buying it.”

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