Down the Track

Some of the best Australian OUTBACK or bush tracks wind their way through all sorts of terrain, with challenges along the way, plenty of hidden gems to explore, and a sense of achievement when you make it through.

strayacoin is an adventure in the making. join us as we map out the future of crypto in australia. who knows..maybe our efforts down-under will make it to the world stage.

Australia Day – JAN 26 2018


QUARTER 1 2018

  • Windows Wallet
  • Web Wallet
  • Block Explorer
  • Android Wallet
  • IOS Wallet (Test Flight)
  • Exchange Listing
    • TradeOgre
    • Graviex
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Community Engagement Plan

QUARTER 2 2018

  • Mining Pools
  • StrayaPOS Study
  • Segwit Support
  • Block Explorer Enhancements
    • top 100
    • Difficulty
    • Mining Dominance

QUARTER 3 2018

  • StrayaPOS Software Development
    • Maps Integration
    • Business Registrations
    • Business Advertisements
    • Square Credit Card Integration (One Way)
  • POS Hardware Selection
  • POS Integration Study

QUARTER 4 2018

  • Beta Trials Start for Dedicated POS Terminals
  • Distributor Model Development
  • Distributor Kits Availability
  • Australian Exchange Listing Confirmed –
  • Explorer Enhancements
    • Maps Integration
    • Business Registrations
    • Business Advertisements

QUARTER 1, 2019

  • StrayaPOS released
  • Discord Tipping Bot
  • MacOS Wallet
  • Twitter Tipping Bot

QUARTER 2, 2019

  • POS Multi-Language Support
  • First Coin Reward Halvening (50NAH TO 25NAH) happened on May 10th)
  • Translate Distributor Brochures (Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay) for free D/L Resource.

QUARTER 3, 2019

  • Start work on Free Cryptocurrency Educational Resources for High School Teachers/Students.
  • New Listing on Exchange ( with TUSD, LTC and BTC pairing.
  • Work continuing on payment processing system. Facilitating the middle-man transaction between the client and business. Through API’s it allows businesses and their developers to programmatically generate invoices to clients and receive notification when a payment is received.
  • Continued work on building utility of the coin.

QUARTER 4, 2019

  • Tipping Bot Enhancements / Dashboard
  • Lightning Network / Atomic Swap Study
  • NFC developments on StrayaPOS Terminal
  • BIP173 Support – BECH32 Addresses – NAH1 Prefix?
  • Lightning / Atomic Swap Trials
  • Start discussions with exchanges offering fiat on-ramps.

QUARTER 1, 2020

  • Survive COVID -19
  • Expand online shop to sell toilet paper and chocolate.
  • New listing on Unnamed Exchange with 6 pairs (BTC, LTC, DOGE, UTIP, ETH, USDT, XMR, WAVES)
  • Get coin listed on gambling website so we are not bored out of our brain in self isolation. (Got listed on

QUARTER 2, 2020

  • Survive COVID-19
  • Got integrated on pixel game site where you can win coins.
  • Explore more exchanges for listing NAH
  • Explore more use cases (gambling and Alcohol) websites/merchants offering said services.
  • POS Accounting Module
  • POS Integration with Fiat
    Decentralised Exchange Support
    Smart Contract System Study

QUARTER 3, 2020

  • Survive COVID-19

QUARTER 4, 2020

  • Survive COVID-19
  • Get a new mining pool up and running by a volunteer dev in Victoria – cheers Matt.

QUARTER 1, 2021

  • Survive COVID-19
  • Expand Point of Sale terminals / android app to more businesses in Australia and around the world.
  • Explore/approach more cryptocurrency exchanges to list a grass roots coin like ours.
  • Development of revised POS Registration process

QUARTER 2, 2021

  • Release of StrayaPOS 3.0
  • Revisit study of blockchain algo
  • Coin Halvening from 12.5 down to 6.25 coins per block reward