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Become a Cryptocurrency Point of Sale Distributor and make trailing Crypto commissions

The first (and only one that we know of) cryptocurrency merchant POS referral (affiliate program) available to anyone world-wide is Strayacoins zero cost system.

How does it work?

Help willing businesses adopt Bitcoin, Litecoin and Strayacoin as a means of exchange for goods and services any where in the world. This is done with zero cost to you or the merchant by helping the merchant install free POS android Strayacoin app from the Play store. During your assistance with the setup, you explain about the commission structure and you enter your receive wallet addresses for Bitcoin, Litecoin and strayacoin and then sit back relax and enjoy the trailing commission (affiliate link) on the crypto spend volume of those coins (commission payment is realised when merchant sends coins out of POS wallet, i.e to exchange). The best thing is that anybody world-wide can start earning Bitcoin, Litecoin and Strayacoin as a residual income by selling this idea to Merchants literally at zero cost. If you are a savvy entrepreneur you can easily see how quickly this ‘side business’ can scale with. Whether you already sell products or services to merchants and want to leverage your time and relationships to make some crypto revenue on the side, or you are out of work in a developing country and need a job, this is an opportunity to generate income with zero outlay (if the merchant has his own android device ver 6.0+).

What will you need?

Really only your Strayacoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin receive wallet addresses and a willing business owner that either has their own android Ver. 6.0 (or higher) device, or provide them with one (our professional looking StrayaPOS terminal available in the Shop).

We have provided free digital brochure downloads below to help with Global marketing in various languages (English, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Korean). Consequently we hope to create a global Cryptocurrency community of distributors, merchants and users not only for driving the network effect of crypto coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Strayacoin in businesses but to also help provide people with an opportunity to help make a living and provide for themselves and their families.

The following languages are available for the brochure, and also supported in the POS Software

The following languages are available for the brochure, but not yet supported in the POS Software (English will be displayed by default)

How to set up the Point of Sale for a business owner?

Follow the instructions set out in our easy to follow Setup Guide

What is the benefit?

The StrayaPOS Distributor model is built into the Point of Sale android application, with automatic setting of the exchange rate to incorporate a 4.5% Distributor commission of NAH, BTC and LTC received by the business into the Received payments. So, it is Commission Free to the business, and 4.5% of the Send volume from the application is automatically sent to whoever registers the business from the POS Terminal.

In the example above, the income required to provide a 40% return on investment from purchasing a terminal would be $11.61 per month over 2 years. Therefore to achieve this goal, the shop is required to take on average $8.60 per day.