Discordian Gamers: The Strayatip Bot is here!

Want to share some NAH with your mates..perhaps they helped you out in Game, or you’re just a really generous type.

Welcome to the first of our second layer apps, building on the Strayacoin blockchain to provide an easy and fast transfer of micro-payments without even having a wallet installed! How fast…well…lightning fast.

Instructions for Use
Tipping Example
Tip Deposit

The bot can be added to any Discord Server using THIS LINK, and is already active on our Discord Channel. Join us for Friday night shouts to new members.

There are a stack of uses for this bot..For example, Discord has a Game Overlay feature being heavily worked..and it looks awesome. Integrated payments to your mates while playing..tip them for their jawdropping performance saving you from the hoards in your favourite FPS…or collect tips from your awestruck fans on twitch or youtube live gaming.

So how does this work..like magic…it just does. Load up your tips to the bot, then smash out the dough like a baker making pies. If you want to cash out..slot it back in your wallet…then..do the money dance.

DISCORD SERVER ADMINS: Add Strayatip bot to your discord server..if we think it is legit..and it has more than 100 members, we will join and tip 1000NAH..first 10 only. This will be totally at our discretion..we will be looking for active communities who would use the bot for micro-transactions between humans.

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