Cadbury Caramilk Chockie Crypto Celebration for Aussie Day 2020

25 January 2020

Australia Day is dear to our hearts at like that one day of the year in Bathurst on Mt Panorama where Brockie was king. That is why for 2020 we wanted to celebrate and share our joy with our fellow Australians and sell Caramilk Chockie blocks for cheap! After eating all of our limited edition Vegemite Cadbury chockie block stash last Aussie day this year we pulled a few strings and paid off a few woolies staff who stockpiled the Caramilk chockie blocks as soon as they came off the truck. You can now find them only available at our Store for only $2.00. Unlike Peter Brocks crystals this product is guaranteed to please and polarise your energy like a Pavlova to a diabetic. Available for purchase in Strayacoin from Australia Day on, with a limit of 1 unit per person. Happy Straya Day!