Aussie Coin’s popularity in India on the rise

The Indian subcontinent is seeing a rise of popularity for an Aussie cryptocurrency, Strayacoin. The subcontinent and Australia have a unique and very close relationship when it comes to international relations. Both can enjoy a good game of cricket and a good bowl of curry and beer. Now it appears both have something else in common, Hodling and sending each other $NAH’s from lost cricket game wagers.

One of Strayacoin’s official Telegram accounts has recently seen a surge of Indian members join it and it appears to be growing. When Imran (one of the marketing admins of the Strayacoin developer team) was asked what was next planned for Strayacoin in the Indian sub-continent? He reponded “It is up to the supporter base, we would like to see more members join and for people to learn about cryptocurrency using our Strayacoin. It has an android wallet app that makes it easy for people to use it. Next would be to have an Indian exchange come on board with us and help us grow in the Indian market. You never know, perhaps next time you visit New Delhi markets the vendors will be accepting Strayacoin!”