Strayacoin is an fancytech digital currency that enables you to send billies to anyone out yonder or OS.

Strayacoin uses mate-to-mate tech to get on with it with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing Strayacoins are carried out by all of us in the network.

Strayacoin Core is the name of open source
software which enables the use of this currency.




Is this real?
it's the real deal brother..

What is Straya coin?
It's a decentralised cryptocurrencuy created by Aussies for Aussies

How do I get Strayacoin.
Ya have ta mine them man, see mining tab.

How many Strayacoin in circulation?
Total supply is 24809843 (25 million odd) one for every Aussie based on ABS Figures on Australia Day 2018

Who developed Strayacoin?
Strayacoin was created by Jack Hurley of 47 Crypto Labs and software development from Dieter Trappiel and a forked version of Litecoin from Paul DeCarlo. Thanks Reddit cobber u/DependentRock for the Apple Wallet.

Who designed the Strayacoin?
Strayacoin was designed by Australian artist Aaron Tyler. He also created STRAYA CASH.