2nd Block Reward Halvening On Its Way

Everyone likes it when they have something that is rare. Mining Strayacoin follows the halvening principal, where the reward for mining is reduced in half as another half of the remaining coins to mine are released. Well this is about to happen for the second time mid August for the Strayacoin protocol. Check out our widget at the bottom of the homepage to see the countdown timer

When a halvening event occurs, there is a reduction in the inflation rate on the coins that are in the wild, and reduces the new coins coming into exchanges for trading.

Most HODL the coins, but some think they can mine and then quickly sell for something else. Dont get me wrong..mining is great, but HODLing is better. …so this is why inflation is important..

With the current economic climate around the world post COVID-19 nearly all central banks are printing their fiat currency to what seems like infinity. Strayacoin however is on of those digital coins that falls into the class of cryptocurrencies that is a deflationary digital currency since it is its own minable blockchain.