Horspower Confirmed – Strayacoin to the Cross

Great news. After the testing announced last week, our devs have continued testing and Strayacoin is now ready for an upgrade under the hood (like moving from a Datsun 120Y to a Datsun 240Z).

We are upgrading to use an adaptive mining difficulty called Dark Gravity Wave, which adjusts mining difficulty every block based on the amount of mining being done, this is expected to regulate the blocks so they occur, on average, every 2.5 minutes as they should.

A number of other enhancements are included, but mostly behind the scenes. This upgrade will occur on the running main blockchain in the coming days at block 63260. Exchanges, block explorer, and mining pools have been notified and everyone is expected to be upgraded by then.

WHATS THE SKINNY: what we need you to do, is upgrade your strayacoin-qt windows wallets. This involves downloading the updated wallet from https://www.dropbox.com/s/nspnqvtzzphxg72/strayacoin-x86_64-win64-vx-1.2.zip?dl=0 and unzipping it to the same location you did previously.

Please do not delete any files in your data directory including your wallet.dat file ! (standard data directory is c:\users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\strayacoin folder.) (You should have backed this file up already anyhow!). When you run the new wallet, it will connect to the existing blockchain and nodes, and you will notice that some of them will be version All nodes that do not upgrade before block 63260, or fresh installs, will need to copy over the strayacoin.conf file included in the download package to the folder mentioned above, using the instructions included in the readme.txt file included with the download.

To the Cross our Straya brothers! (in Southern Skies or Sydney version all good)